Abbie Steiling

Brief Biography

Violinist, Abbie Steiling, is a performer, composer, and teacher from St Louis.  She performs domestically as well as abroad in an array of musical genres, and foremost as a member of the ‘70s prog-rock band, Pavlov’s Dog.  With the group, she acts as music director and director of touring and is featured on 5 of their most recent albums and is currently working on a new release with the band.  She recently received an RIAA certified platinum record for playing on “Line Without a Hook” by Ricky Montgomery and Warner Records, and additionally has performed with legendary artists including The Who, The Eagles, JD Blackfoot, Sister Hazel.  Other closely associated groups include regular involvement with Circus Flora, STAGES St Louis, Steiling Strings event music, The Big Rigs, Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra, and Kinetic Tapestry Physical Theatre. 

Transport on a celestial journey with her latest singles as a composer and performer with the full album, “To the Nebula” coming in 2024.  These tracks provide the musical backdrop for the live circus show “SPACE a Celestial Circus Show,” produced with Kinetic Tapestry in fall of 2023.  The show is inspired by the astrophotography of Frederick Steiling whose deep-space images are also the artwork for the album. The recording of the album “To the Nebula” was supported by a generous grant from the Regional Arts Commission of St Louis.

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